Home Purchases

Are you considering selling your home? We can help! We specialize in

  • pre-foreclosures;
  • hard to sell listings;
  • homes that need work or updating;
  • vacant rentals or rentals with tenants in place; and
  • sellers that need to sell quickly for personal reasons.

We take the time to listen and understand your situation. Since every seller’s circumstances are different, we analyze your situation and come up with the best options for you.

We can solve your problems! We save you time and energy by allowing you to escape having to list your home for sale and wait for offers and buyer loan approvals. No more worrying about payments, fixing up the house, tenants, or taking care of an empty home. We will buy your house in “as-is” condition and you pay no out of pocket expenses. Let us handle all of the paperwork.

Get paid quickly! We can pay cash and close the transaction within a few days if necessary so you get paid faster and are free from the burden of dealing with your house.

Contact us for more information about options available to you. We strive to create win-win deals, and we will present you with a no obligation offer.