Rent to Own/Lease Purchase Option Program

We are committed to providing home ownership opportunities to individuals who need just a little extra time before they are ready to buy, perhaps because of income or credit issues that are keeping them from purchasing right now.

We can help you rent and then purchase your next home. A Lease Purchase Option agreement combines the rental lease with an option to buy the house at an agreed upon amount in one or two years. You rent the home and then at some time during the lease (when you are ready) you obtain financing and purchase the home. The benefits to you:

  • You avoid the costs and hassles of moving twice.
  • You receive monthly rent credits that go toward the purchase price of the home.
  • You may get better loan terms with your lender once you have cleared your credit history.

We offer one- and two-year lease purchase plans that allow you time to clean up credit and get ready to be qualified for a home loan. We can help work with lenders to design a loan that will work for you.